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But what does the DJ actually DO?

The cost of hiring a DJ can depend on some important factors that can make or break your experience on the day, as not all DJ’s are skilled at managing a wedding, important parts of the event such as welcoming your guests, introducing the bridal party, opening the first dance and extra little touches must be stage managed and presented smoothly to take the pressure off you and your partner. Here are some important things to consider:

1) Make a list of what you want your DJ to do and not do.

• Just play music and don't talk? • Do you need the DJ to make announcements and play the role of an MC?

• Do you want your DJ to be sophisticated at all times or be interactive?

An MC is someone designated to make announcements, keep things running smoothly and direct your guests when required during an event. Choose someone to fulfil this role that communicates well and professionally from the get go and that you feel comfortable has made every effort to find out as much as they can about you in order to provide a personalised and proactive service on the day.

2) Find out if the DJ has the music YOU want played. This is obviously very important. Do you want a variety of music or perhaps focus on a specific genre such as Top-40, Retro, Jazz?

TIP Variety music DJs are usually more expensive because they have to be knowledgeable about many different types of music and deal with the higher cost of buying many more songs than someone specialising in just one type. I like to bring my own wi-fi to weddings with access to over 22 million songs so I can cater to any special requests on the night as well! In any case, you need assurance that the music you want will actually be at your event.

3) Do you want a DJ with a set music program or to be flexible and take requests?

As always, this is completely up to you. I would recommend only taking requests from pre approved guests when there is champagne involved! I usually try to please your guests wherever possible if I think it will enhance the night!

4) Make sure the DJ has the right equipment for your event.

Be sure to state the approximate number of people who will be attending as some DJs don't have equipment for large events. State whether the event is indoors or outdoors or both. If you’d like a DJ to provide a soundtrack for your entire day, will the equipment have to be moved or not? If specific equipment will be required such as a wireless microphone, make sure the DJ service has this since not all do. Would you like a particular colour lighting, fog, backdrop or a specific theme? Tell me your ideas and I’ll make it happen!

5) Ask how much experience they have working events similar to yours.

If it doesn't make a difference, that's OK. But if something absolutely has to go right it would be to your advantage to have someone with experience who can deal with unexpected last second changes, twists, curves and turns that always seem to come up. A good DJ can help smooth over potential awkward moments.

I hope you’ve found some of these points useful when choosing your wedding DJ, most importantly, just do you and have an amazing time, as thats what its all about!


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