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LGBTIQA+ Superstars Wedding Feature - Bec & Liv “Belivia”

DIY wedding filled with so much colour and love from their friends and family that continues to inspire me in my work as a wedding professional

I asked Belivia how hard it was to mostly actually “D.I.Y” your wedding, is it hard to ask people, and do they let you down?

Some people we asked - like the cake baking couple- and knew that if they said yes they would find a way to make it happen, they are just those sort of lovely people. Plus they had been entering the local pride bake-off every year for years, so we knew they could do it and would get excited about the challenge.

The decoration crew was an offer from friends of friends who love that stuff and we were grateful for whatever they could do, and it turned out to be perfect!

Basically identifying good people with the skills to do the things better than we could have.

I was lucky enough to witness the love journey of these two lovers from the get-go as they are dear friends of mine from the Isle of Tassie. Incidentally it was also the first gay wedding I DJ’d at, and possibly still one of the coolest mixes of queer feminist nostalgia tunes ever!

I recently viewed Bec and Liv’s photo gallery thanks to their gracious photographer Cassie and was able to relive all the cute af details from the day including but not limited to:

🎆 Ring-warming ritual throughout the ceremony

🎆 Special Reading from our spiritual artist friend Voula.

🎆 Pride and Indigenous Australian flags lined the entrance to their ceremony which was so welcoming and set the scene.

🎆 Their friends prepared a “flash mob” dance to the Punjabi MC tune “Mundian To Bach Ke” to kick off the dance floor after the traditional first dance

🎆 A fairytale cake sculpted with the story of their relationship

🎆 The final tune of the night - Underworld Born Slippy 👏👏👏

🎆 A-mazing and meaningful gift from their wedding party including a calendar of cute dates (WITH VOUCHERS INCLUDED) for the first year of their married life! ADORBS!


🏳️‍🌈 Focus on the things you care about, take out the things you don’t e.g. not fussed on flowers or table decorations? Save your pennies for a damn good celebrant, photographer and DJ. 🏳️‍🌈 Delegate, delegate and delegate! Got mates who have mates with crafty skills or a wedding business? Hit them up LONG before your wedding and lock them in, for a fee of course. Even if you don’t get mates rates, ask to see their work and make sure they’re reliable and willing to help you make your day amazing! You will absolutely notice the difference!

🏳️‍🌈 Remember that the ceremony and getting married are the most important bits, that's what you came for, so as much as it seems that the "party" takes up a lot of the limelight, a dud ceremony can leave you with some regrets, so don't forget to make those vows count!

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